The Ultimate Software for Sub Rental or Cross Hire

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Sub-Rental is a major headache for the Hire & Rental industry globally!

Sub rental or cross hire is the process of sub-renting equipment from another supplier for a reduced rate which is then on-sold to your customer.

For example, Bob from Ford Australia calls Marcus from Prestige Weddings and Events to rent equipment for a large conference they are holding at a major venue. Marcus has a shortfall of some of their requirements so he calls Ryan from Sydney Wide Hire to rent some of their equipment for the conference. Sydney Wide doesn't have everything Marcus needs and he calls other associated suppliers to make up the inventory shortfall.

Sub-Rental is a major headache for the Hire & Rental industry globally!

He must then coordinate the delivery and pickup of all items from each supplier, track the return of the equipment and the cost of sub-renting from the various suppliers. This is the major headache of the Hire & Rental industry globally!

However, there is an easy solution... CloudRent Hire & Rental Software.

At the time of creating the rental for the client, the software prompts the user that there is not enough inventory available and they have the option to proceed or choose another item. Inventory is already highlighted Red indicating that there is no stock available even before adding it to the job.

CloudRent Sub Rental
Shows availability of items

If the user proceeds then the shortfall is added to a sub-rental list and the job is flagged with coloured indicators which denote the status of the sub-rental i.e. Pending, Ordered & Received.

Sub Rental Indicators
Sub Rental Indicators

Users can then add a sub-rental supplier, add any notes relating to the individual item, give instructions regarding delivery and create a Purchase Order which is then emailed to the supplier and the cost of the sub-rental tracked against the rental.

CloudRent Sub Rental issues solved
Sub Rental screen show over-booked items

From the dashboard of the software you can click on a date range e.g. Today, tomorrow, this week, next week and create a sub-rental report that can be printed, emailed or sent to XL. How easy is that!

CloudRent Sub Rental messages
Create many types of Rental Reports easily!

For a demonstration of the software email us at and we will show how simply and easily you can manage your business with CloudRent.

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