Stand-downs Construction Equipment

March 12, 2020

A "Stand down" is a term used in the construction industry where a piece of equipment such as a Bobcat, Scissor Lift etc. can be stood down for some time due to situations beyond the control of the hirer where the equipment can't be used due to inclement weather or any other situation that is not at the fault of the hirer.

The equipment hirer may grant the customer a discount off their daily rate or the full rate depending on the terms conditions of the hire.

CloudRent Hire Software is perfectly suited to construction equipment hire and makes it easy for rental companies to create stand downs in a couple of clicks and credit the hirer on the next upcoming invoice. The software streamlines Hire businesses provide full visibility of the daily rental processes from quotes through to contracts and invoices. Long term monthly billing is a breeze!

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Written by

Ron Neville

As a software developer and entrepreneur in the software industry, Ron can speak from extensive first-hand experience and has a deep understanding of the hire & Rental industry. He has listened and collaborated with industry professionals for 14 years and constantly redesigned and developed the CloudRent software application to meet client and industry requirements

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