Fully Integrated Online Store

CloudRent integrates with a complete Online Rental Store

Hire and Rental companies are increasingly finding that the web is a primary source of new sales inquiries...

In fact over 75% of new hire and rental leads now come from the web

Major Business Issue
The business issue though is ensuring that the virtual (web presence) and the physical (actual shop or store) are aligned! Such that whether a customer “walks in” or “clicks in” they get the same up to date accurate information.This may sound simple but as most rental and hire companies know it is not!

Pricing and images are all pulled from CloudRent

Because the data for each item (description, category, images etc) is maintained both in the rental or hire business management system and separately in the web database.

This imposes a real cost on Rental and Hire companies. As each time they update their inventory, either adding a new item, or new images, or even new descriptions – they have to pay a web developer to make the changes on their website. One client stated that this cost was running into thousands of dollars per annum! A cost imposition just to simply update basic information!

Eliminate the Cost and Take Control
Eliminate this cost, make the change once and have it update the web automatically with one click! You can with CloudRent!

Go Beyond!

Why not also update your specials, your promotions etc – in fact why not take control of your web content yourself.
Hire and Rental companies can now manage their web content, including hire items, images, pricing and promotions through the one single. Even update your own terms and conditions with one click.

On-line Requests
Let customers browse, select and place an order request on line – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year! You can with CloudRent and our web option.

We make the web an integral part of your business as it should be in this day and age.

What our clients say...

Finally, a rental software system that uses the latest technology so we can access our system from anywhere and on any device. And CloudRent is much more than just a hire system, it massively simplifies our logistics management and our invoicing. I love how CloudRent integrates with Xero accounting.

Cameron Drake-Brockman
Hire Rite Temporary Fence

Prestige Weddings and Events have had 9 users using this software since 2007. The guys have been great to work with and always prompt with support and assistance when required. We have been adding input into the latest version and believe it's the best Rental software on the market!

Marcos Preller
Prestige Weddings and Events

Really love the software and were one of CloudRent's first customers. We have been using their software since 2006 and the guys have always been accessible and any issues encountered were minimised through prompt attention & support.

Aidan Corbley
The Party Hire Place

Guys I would personally like to thank you for not only the outstanding product you have provided us with, but also the outstanding service and support you have given to us in the production and roll out phase of the CloudRent Software Application.

Mark Wood
Planet Hire

This software has become an invaluable part of our company, increasing productivity and eliminating repeated entering of information. Since installation at the start of the year Ron and his team have been extremely flexible with their service, happily taking our requests and answering questions. CloudRent is an absolute gem and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Ryan Murray
Sydneywide Party Hire