Going monthly...

July 1 2020 is the launch of our total subscription software, CloudRent Air. License purchases will no longer be available and CloudRent software will only be available via monthly subscription.

Why FREE lifetime access?

CloudRent Founders Club is a type of Crowdfunding where your membership fee assists with the development cost and in return you get access to the booking software for life including updates and support.

WIN WIN... We get your input to build the best booking software on the planet and you get the perfect software fit for your rental business and most importantly...

You save thousands of dollars ...

QuickBooks and Xero App


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

Prestige Weddings and Events have had 9 users using this software since 2007. The guys have been great to work with and always prompt with support and assistance when required.
We have been adding input into the latest version and believe it's the best Rental software on the market!


Marcos Preller

Finally, a rental software system that uses the latest technology so we can access our system from anywhere and on any device. And CloudRent is much more than just a hire system, it massively simplifies our logistics management and our invoicing. I love how CloudRent integrates with Xero accounting.


Cameron Drake - Brockman

We chose CloudRent to manage our short term IT rental business as it is comprehensive, easy to use, built on modern technology and extremely fast! We have been given a very high level of support in setup and configuration and have been able to add input to development making it even more suitable to our sector.


Brian Taouil

Money back gaurantee

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