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Why CloudRent Inventory Rental Software?

Robbie Neville Gold Coast Entertainer

It all started with the Music!

In 2007 as a professional guitarist/singer, Founder Robbie Neville developed a software program to track his performance bookings (gigs) throughout NSW and QLD.

One of his close friends who toured bands such as Living End and Grinspoon nationally, mentioned he was still using Word and XL to manage these artist's. So Robbie developed his small booking/invoice program into AgencyEzy which was then sold to Entertainment Agencies in the UK and Australia.

One of AgencyEzy’s clients not only booked entertainment acts but also hired corporate games to the corporate sector. A request was made for functionality to manage this aspect of his business so the core booking system was modified to incorporate the functionality... CloudRent was born and has been sold into 25+ countries.

Built by the Hire Industry

It always blows our mind that our small aussie company sells hire software to companies from all parts of the world, including billion dollar companies based in the USA. We always ask why?

Firstly the main reason is, we built the plant rental software in conjunction with Hire Industry Professionals who actually use the software and have added their input into the design. Secondly we made it fast and very easy to learn.

CloudRent is growing and we want you to come on this amazing journey with us. This is a chance to get in on the ground floor and to make it easier for you, we have put together this very limited offer for you. Check it out here

cloud rent

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between buying a license and renting the software?

Paying by the month is great for us as you pay every month, every year for as long as you use the software. With a "one off" license purchase you pay for the license upfront and own it for perpetuity. Upgrades and support are free for life!

How long has CloudRent and the team been around?

The CloudRent application is brand new and has been developed over the past 4 years. The team have been around for the past 14 years and includes major players in the Hire & Rental industry who have been instrumental in the development of the software.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Definitely... Once purchased, you have 30 days to be completely satisfied with CloudRent or receive your money back.

Can we import existing data into CloudRent?

Yes you can. We can provide you import templates to make it very easy to import your inventory and clients. Importing bookings from another application is a bit more of a process and there would be a small charge to import them.

Our Customer Code

Our promise is that we'll evaluate our decisions and processes against these principles, work tirelessly to improve our grade, and report back on our progress. We only succeed when you do, so let's grow better, together.

Earn my attention, don't steal it.

Your time is precious so our aim is to give you something of value before we take up your time.

Solve for my success, not your systems.

Don't make our process your problem. Build the software the way you want it. Not how we think it should be.

Use my data, but don't abuse it.

We will give you a personalised experience and treat you as a partner and not a customer.

Ask for feedback, and act on it.

No one knows your experience better than you. We will ask you how we can improve — and do it.

Own your screw-ups.

Everyone makes mistakes. It's how you deal with them that sets you apart. We will say sorry, be sorry, and make it better.

I don't mind paying, but I do mind being played.

You shouldn't need a math degree to figure out your bill. We will keep our pricing open, clear, and fair.

Help me help you, by helping myself.

You know what you need. We will give you ways to answer your own questions and solve your own problems.

Do the right thing, even when it's hard.

Especially when it's hard. What we do defines our company's destiny.

Don't block the exit.

We make signing up so easy and won't make leaving so hard. If you want to...

We love what we do...

It's a great time to be in software!

The CEO of Claris Filemaker (Apple) said it's a great time to be in software. Many of us rely on voice commands when using our phones (often with some amusing results). Recently, we have developed a set of commands that can be invoked remotely through the Shortcuts application or with a Siri voice command. Imagine, "Hey Siri create a quote for me!."

Brand New Technology

CloudRent is a completely NEW application built from the ground up utilising the latest technologies including SQL, JavaScript & JSON.
This equates to a lightning fast, easy to use, rental booking system that is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Beautiful User Friendly GUI

CloudRent's graphical user interface (GUI) has been painstakingly crafted to provide users of the software with an easy to use, visually appealing experience whilst running their business.

Machine Learning CoreML Support

Since 2017, Apple has provided the CoreML framework used to evaluate pre-trained machine-learning protocols. Image recognition is a common example: using a CoreML query, you can submit an image and, depending on the ML solution in question, get a rich set of identifying data in return. This technology is implemented in CloudRent.

Connect to any 3rd party API

Using JSON, (JavaScript Object Notation) which is the most widely used data format for data interchange on the web, we can interchange data between any web server e.g. Quickbooks Online, Xero, Google.

Why FREE lifetime access?

CloudRent Founders Club is a type of Crowdfunding where your membership fee assists with the development cost and in return you get access to the booking software for life including updates and support.

WIN WIN... We get your input to build the best booking software on the planet and you get the perfect software fit for your rental business and most importantly..